Rector Nomination Process News

September 13  

Please know that although there has not been a formal announcement yet of WHO our rector-elect is, daily progress is being made towards that goal. There are some behind-the-scenes details that must be formalized and agreed to by the newly-called rector, Calvary, and the Bishop. I have been involved somewhat in this process, and I can assure you that progress is being made every day! Also, it's everyone's highest priority that this exciting news be able to be shared as soon as possible. Thank you all for your continued patience!Warmly,

Lisa Pullem

September 6

On behalf of the Vestry, I am so pleased to tell you that Calvary has called its next rector and that the call has been joyfully accepted! We hope to make a full announcement next week after all parties involved have had a chance to formalize some important details. Thank you for all your prayers & support!

Lisa Pullem, Convenor
Rector Nominating Committee


August 29

          The Nominating Committee is pleased to report that both of our finalist candidates' visits to Ashland were a big success! A tremendous amount of work had to be done by a lot of people in this parish in order for things to go as smoothly as they did, and I am grateful to each and every one of you! Even the weather cooperated with sunny days and comfortable temperatures. As Fr. Ron so aptly said: "God provides."


          The next steps are happening quickly. The Nominating Committee is still planning make our presentation and handoff to the Vestry on Thursday, August 30. Next, each Vestry member must individually and prayerfully consider his or her decision for at least one week. Then, on Thursday, September 6, the Vestry will have the opportunity to elect the new rector within the context of a celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Please pray fervently for God's continued presence in this search process, as well as for both of our incredibly special candidates!


August 16

The Nominating Committee has been very busy this week as we continue to prepare for our finalist candidates' visits. First of all, we received word on Monday that one of our finalists has accepted a call elsewhere. While we wish him well, and understand that timing is part of this process of mutual discernment, it's sad to lose him at this point. Next, we had to thoughtfully consider what impact this news might have on our current search process. We determined unanimously that we are ready to continue the process with our two finalists and that the news about the third candidate did not change our previous conclusions about the candidates who were not included in the mix as finalists.


We held our weekly meeting on Wednesday, which, as it turns out, was our final regular meeting. We finalized preparations for our two candidates’ upcoming visits, which start on Tuesday, August 21, and conclude on Monday, August 27. We are so excited to have reached this major milestone in the search process! 


I'm also pleased to share with you that the Nominating Committee is planning to make our presentation and handoff of candidates to the Vestry on Thursday, August 30. As you know, the Vestry must individually and prayerfully consider their decision for at least one week. Following that guideline, the Vestry may issue a call on Thursday, September 6.

The moment that Calvary parish has been waiting for and wondering about since Fr. Chip left almost three years ago is fast approaching. Please continue to pray that God keeps His hand on all of us as we progress through these next few weeks!


August 1 -

          After completing the 6 Skype interviews and discerning the 3 finalists, the Nominating Committee has resumed its weekly meeting schedule. We met last night, on Wednesday, August 1, in the Heritage Room at Calvary. We are in full-on planning mode! Just like there is an overall process that has guided our actions in this rector search from the beginning, there is also a "mini-process" involved in planning the candidates' visits to our parish. Basically, each candidate and his or her spouse is invited for a 3-night, 4-day stay. Our guests are hosted by a couple members of the Nominating Committee at a time for most meals and also given the opportunity to tour our lovely church, meet our paid staff members & deacons, as well as get to know the Ashland area, including residential areas, schools, and prospective employment for spouses. On the second evening of each visit, we'll hold a social event to allow candidates and Vestry & Nominating Committee members to meet & mingle. The Nominating Committee will also have a formal interview with each candidate on his or her last evening in town. This will be held after dinner together and a short service, such as Evening Prayer, that we will ask the candidate to conduct for us.


          Our goal is to have these visits concluded by the end of this month. If so, then our next goal will be to discern which candidates, and/or in which order, we will present to the Vestry by the end of the first week of September. After that, the Vestry must individually and prayerfully consider the Nominating Committee's recommendations for at least one week. 


          If you are keeping track, we are up to about mid-September - in other words, only about 6 weeks away! With God's help, the people of Calvary parish have made it this far and, with His help, we will carry on and finish this amazing journey of discovery!


          From Saturday, July 21, through Wednesday, July 25, your Nominating Committee met each of Calvary's six rector candidates via Skype; each interview lasted about an hour. Although I knew that doing these Skype interviews would be meaningful, I wasn't quite prepared for the amazing experience I had. We found all of our candidates to be highly qualified, genuine people who are doing remarkable work where they are right now. I feel truly honored and humbled that priests of this caliber are interested in becoming part of the future of our parish!


          That being said, it thrills me to announce that, during our regular weekly meeting last night (after the last Skype interview), the Nominating Committee was able to discern some finalist candidates!  Each of us had given individual and prayerful consideration to each candidate, and when we came together as a group, we joyfully discovered that we had consensus on who we discerned should take the next step with us in our rector process. We will be contacting all the candidates by the end of the week to let them know of our decision.


          This has been a long process, and there is much work still to do in the upcoming weeks. However, the Nominating Committee feels that an important milestone has been achieved. We acknowledge that God's hand has been with us all along, and we pray for His continued guidance.


          This is a time of joyful anticipation for our parish, and we are so grateful to be on this journey with all of you!


JULY 11, 2012

          The Nominating Committee held its regularly scheduled Wednesday night meeting in the Heritage Room this week. We ended up having another 3-hour long meeting! However, although the work of discernment is difficult and time-consuming, we all feel very strongly that what we're doing is also holy work, and therefore worth every bit of the effort and time away from our homes and families that it is now requiring.

          You may be wondering where we are in the search process. By now, we've been in touch several times with each of our candidates, making sure they received their packets from us, answering their questions, making arrangements to obtain a video (or at least audio) sermon, and scheduling their Skype interviews. At this time, we plan to have all Skype interviews completed from July 20 - July 23. After that, we will discern 2 or 3 finalists, who will then be invited for on-site interviews. Since they also have to meet with the bishop during this step, their visits won't occur until after the Bishop Election Convention on August 18.

          There is still much work to do, but, as you can see, we are making steady forward progress! Many of you have expressed a lot of encouragement and support lately, and I can't tell you how much that means to each of us. Thank you so much for your continued kindness and prayers!


JULY 5, 2012

          Last night, the Nominating Committee had a long (over 3 hours!) but very fruitful meeting. We'd spent the last couple weeks getting to know our 6 candidates individually, and last night was - on purpose - our first chance to discuss them as a group. Truthfully, we're honored & overwhelmed that 6 such fine people have said they want to be our next rector. Thanks be to God!

June 27, 2012

          The Nominating Committee is continuing to meet weekly on Wednesday nights at 6 o'clock in the Heritage Room. By now, the process of discernment is well underway on both sides. On our side, each member of the Nominating Committee is devoting time and prayer each day to getting to know the profiles of each candidate, committing key pieces of information to memory, and comparing their core competencies to our stated Goals & Challenges. On the other side, the six candidates have received their packet from Calvary by now, which contained a letter, our parish portfolio, and four questions to answer in writing by July 6.

          We hope that the candidates are enjoying getting to know Calvary & the Ashland area through the printed information we mailed to them and also the various local websites we suggested, such as the City of Ashland and Ashland Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. We must always remember that this process is one of mutual discernment. By the time a call is made, that person will have chosen Calvary as much as we will have chosen him or her! We certainly appreciate all of your continued support and prayers during this key period of discernment. Thank you all!



June 18, 2012

     The Nominating Committee is very happy to report that we have now received 6 names as candidates for Calvary's rector position. All have been preliminarily approved by the Bishop to continue the process. We are now entering into the active process of mutual discernment. As your Nominating Committee, we are searching for someone with the right skills and competencies that will allow us to meet our goals and overcome our challenges. We will carefully review each candidate's skills with our needs and vision for moving Calvary forward. Because the search and naming of a new rector is a call and not a hire, everyone involved throughout the process is committed to critical reflection and prayer for guidance and direction. We hope and ask that you also spend time in prayer for a fruitful and rewarding transition.  

     At this point, all candidates will be mailed a letter acknowledging that we have received their name, a list of questions to answer to help us get to know them better, and our parish portfolio. Upon receiving their answers, we will begin to narrow down our list of candidates as some emerge as more compatible and better matches. Our goal is to progress to the next step of Skype interviews by mid to late July.

     At this point we are entering a confidential portion of the process. This is for the protection of those interested in the position. We will remain as open as possible about the process, but we must withhold any specific information about any candidate. As always, we appreciate your trust and prayers throughout this important journey.  


June 6, 2012

As you know, the Nominating Committee has been meeting regularly each Wednesday evening since March. A few weeks ago, we moved our meeting place into the Heritage Room and what a positive change that has been!

We are luckly to have such a nice place to host our Skype calls! At our meeting this week, we continued to practice Skyping skills with Fr. Ron, our designated "Skypee." We are grateful for his ongoing patience with us while we try to get Skyping sorted out. We also took a tour around Calvary and tried to see our beloved surroundings with the eyes of a stranger. Since the position will close next week (June 15th), it is just a matter of time before our finalist candidates will be coming for their site visits. There is a lot of work to do in the coming months, but this is a very exciting time for Calvary and I can't wait to see what the future holds! All of us on the Nominating Committee appreciate your continued support and prayers.


May 23, 2012

The Nominating Committee had a very productive meeting this week.  We successfully completed our first group Skype call.  Thank you Father Ron, who was kind enough to be on the receiving end of the test call.  He gave us lots of helpful and necessary feedback; imagine trying to see and hear seven people on Skype at the same time, not easy.  In preparation for interviews, we will keep honing our Skype skills at each of our weekly meetings. We also finished gathering the items needed for Calvary's Living Portfolio.  The portfolio is a folder containing printed materials and information from our parish, the Ashland community, and the Tri-State area.  These will be given to each of the five candidates, selected for us by the Bishop, after the position closes June 15.  We are fast approaching this date, with less than three weeks left to go!



May 1, 2012  



The Nominating Committee is extremely pleased to announce that we have reached a milestone in our search for a new rector for our parish. Today, May 1st, the position was officially declared open!
For the next six weeks, we will be receiving nominations for candidates from across the Episcopal Church. Those interested in pursuing this call can move forward through self-nomination or by being nominated (and agreeing to that nomination) by another person. If you are interested in nominating a potential candidate, please click here to learn more about the process on our website's Transition page.
On that page, you will find a nomination form, contact information for Lisa Pullem, Nominating Committee Convenor, and Dr. Kay Collier-McLaughlin, Diocesan Transition Officer, and you can see our parish brochure, which was recently approved by the Vestry and Bishop. This brochure is an important piece of information that will be included in a larger packet and sent to each candidate.

As always, thank you for your prayers and continued support throughout this important journey. The Nominating Committee looks forward to updating everyone with our progress very soon. Thank you again!


 April 2012

The nominating committee continues to move forward with the calling of a new rector for Calvary.  We achieved a major goal recently with the announcement of Calvary's brand new website on April 5th:  We met recently on April 12 and now are working on putting together a brochure that highlights our parish history, where we are today, our goals and challenges, and information about our community and our diocese.  This brochure is an important part of a larger packet of information that is eventually sent to each candidate.  The committee's goal is to present this brochure for approval first to the Bishop, and then to the Vestry at their meeting later this month. This is required so that the position can be officially opened for candidates by the end of April.  We welcome and encourage questions and input from everyone as we continue this journey.  Thank you all so much for your continued support and prayers.

March 2012

The nominating committee is happy to report that the Calvary website is close to completion, and we will be able to move forward with the calling for a new rector by opening the position shortly.






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