Finding Your Way Around Calvary

Public Parking Lot:  You may park across Winchester Ave. in the public parking lot next to the Paramount Arts Center.  Enter from 14th Street and also exit from 14th Street.

On the Street:  Of course you may park on Winchester Avenue and 14th Street.

Church Parking Lot:  Behind the church there is a small parking lot across the alley.  From here you may enter the church be walking along the sidewalk adjacent to 14th Street and turning right until you reach the double glass doors at the front of the church.



Main Floor:  Restrooms are located at the end of the ambulatory to the left through the gate to the left of the hallway.


Undercroft:  Restrooms are located in the Undercroft (basement) through the foyer through the door down the hallway on the left.

Church Building Entrances


Main Street Entrance:  These doors are open for regular and for special services in the church and are locked at other times during the day and always at night.

Undercroft / Office Entrance:  This entrance is the closest to the back of the building near the 14th Street entrance.  The stairs just inside lead upstairs to the choir room and kitchen.  The undercroft houses the vestry lounge and the children's Sunday school rooms.


Main Entrance: This entrance is closest to Winchester Avenue. It houses the sanctuary, ambulatory, parish hall, St. Mary's Hall, Bell tower, Vesting room, sacristy, and priest's sacristy.


Getting Information

Where to Look

The Crucifier, emailed or mailed weekly, has articles and announcements about all the programs and events taking place at Calvary.  If you are not receiving this in the mail and would like to, please check with the parish secretary during the week.  A copy of the current Crucifier and all past copies are available on this web site.

Along the Ambulatory and on the tables you will find announcements, flyers, and sign up sheets for upcoming activities.

Who to Ask
Cade Mahan, our parish secretary, has all or most of the answers to any questions.  Call him at 606-325-2328 during the week.

Ask any other Calvary clergy or staff member.

"Space" Names & Special Rooms  


St. Mary's Hall:  Through the front double glass doors, to the right, down the hallway and stairs.


Heritage Room:  Through the front double glass doors, through the kitchen, and down the hall to the right.


Undercroft:  The basement area, used as a classroom for children's Sunday school and location of parish office.


Vestry Lounge:  Off the foyer in the basement  

Kitchen:  Through the front double glass doors, to the left, and through the parish hall.

Library:  (Vestry Lounge) Off the basement foyer.


Classrooms:   Adult classes meet upstairs in the parish hall.  Children's classes meet in the basement.  Be sure to read the Christian Formation Guide for descriptions of content and location.

May 20, 2022


Sunday Morning Worship

10:00 a.m.  HE Rite II



12:10 p.m. HE Noon Service 


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